Interesting Facts About Life Path Number 1

People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month have life path 1. Sun is the ruling planet of them, and Leo’s ruling planet and the zodiac sign. In addition, the sun is the king of all planets; that’s why people with the number 1 have leadership qualities.

They don’t afraid of anything. Folks whose date of birth sum up to number 1 are a very energetic and complete powerhouse. They are usually the toppers and occupy prime positions. No one can force them to do anything unless they desire it.

Numerology facts about number 1

The quote can best describe the number 1 in the best way: “Energy and persistence conquer all things”. Furthermore, life path number 1 can create magic because it is associated with the magician (1) card. It is also associated with a tarot card.

  • It is the only number which is neither female nor male. However, most of its traits are masculine.
  • 1 give birth to all numbers

Personality of people with life path number 1

Life path number 1 means that you have a competitive personality and always looking forward to the next thing in life.

  • Number 1 is so entertaining and alluring with its fascinating stories, which can easily draw the attention of everyone to themselves, even in a large crowd.
  • People with number 1 are full of energy and independent. They are fiercely determined, self-reliant, determined, original, and competitive, and value their freedom, etc.
  • People who hold number 1 can achieve whatever they set in their minds. They are always continuously brimming with new ideas, which gives them happiness.
  • Lucky colours for people who hold life path number one are yellow, orange and gold.

Number 1 is a soul number, and heart desire

For those who have a soul number of 1, freedom means a great deal to them. This is one of the reasons you often see number 1 in the armed forces and political arena.

In addition, the sun rules the soul number 1, which means these people always shine in their life just as brightly. They have lots of fire that transform into ingenious thoughts.

Creativity and innovation

Number 1s are pioneers, meaning they are the first to explore uncharted territory. They have creative and innovative ideas because they are one step ahead of the pack.

Number 1 represents the thrill of taking the first step to begin a new journey. After that, they can’t be sure how it will move further, but they have enough guts to go for it.

Hobbies and interests of people with number 1

Life path number 1 individuals enjoy extreme gambling, sports and all kinds of competitions. They have huge energy, so they can easily do outdoor activities like snowboarding, camping, surfing and long treks.

Since number 1, folks must do anything at an urgent pace, so they don’t like group activities and don’t want to wait for anyone else. It is like a nightmare to stay at home all day for life path 1. They love adventure and feel the breeze on their face.

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